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Secure online communication

sendBox.cz as first service of its kind allows you to send and receive e-mails securely according to the new rules of the regulation of the European Commission GDPR and high security standards.

If you are processing personal data while doing business, sendBox.cz will allows you to high secure the correspondence in GDPR compliant mode. For using sendBox.cz you donĀ“t have to install any application, sendBox.cz is always online and its usage is simple and intuitive.

Ordinary email vs. sendBox.cz

According to the law and technical parameters an ordinary e-mail is not considered as a secure mean of communication. Because of this it is not possible to send through it messages, attachments and other information containing personal data. These are usually any legal and labour documents, medical and health reports or some accounting documents.

Unlike an email sendBox.cz is technically and legally designed for sensitive and personal data transfer according to GDPR. With sendBox.cz you can send a message to anyone, you just need to know recipientĀ“s e-mail address. Addressee will receive an e-mail notification about new message in sendBox.cz. The message can be picked up only after registration/login into the service. For message pick up you have to register into the sendBox.cz. Registration is and always will be FREE. So for reading the messages you only need to make quick registration.

Unlike an email sendBox.cz offers additional features such as password encryption, setting expiration time for each message or remote API access.

If you have questions you can contact support.